Diagnostic Portfolio

Diagnostic Catheters and Diagnostic Guidewires

Cordis offers a broad portfolio of Cardiac diagnostic solutions. Over the past 50 years our product offering has grown to become one of the largest in the industry with high performing solutions that help to support sustained patient outcomes. With high performing solutions to help support sustained patient outcomes, Cordis has become the full-line partner of choice.

EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire

The Cordis EMERALD® Diagnostic Guidewire complements the Cordis diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer lines.

INFINITI® Diagnostic Catheter

The Cordis INFINITI® 4F, 5F and 6F line of diagnostic catheters is ideal for coronary angioplasty.

7F HIGHFLOW™ Catheter

The Cordis 7F HIGHFLOW™ Diagnostic Catheter features polyurethane construction and a large inner diameter to maximize contrast flow.

AQUATRACK® Guidewire

The Cordis AQUATRACK® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire facilitates access to the most tortuous anatomy.


The Cordis SUPERTORQUE® and SUPERTORQUE® Plus line of diagnostic catheters are used in coronary angioplasty.

ANGIOGUARD® XP Guidewire System

The Cordis ANGIOGUARD® XP Guidewire System is the first embolic protection device shown in clinical testing to achieve a relative stroke reduction of 70% during carotid stenting procedures*.