Diagnostic Catheters and Diagnostic Guidewires

EMERALD™ Diagnostic Guidewire

The Cordis EMERALD™ Diagnostic Guidewire complements the Cordis diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer lines.

INFINITI™ Diagnostic Catheter

The Cordis INFINITI™ 4F, 5F and 6F line of diagnostic catheters is ideal for coronary angiography.

7F HIGHFLOW™ Catheter

The Cordis 7F HIGHFLOW™ Diagnostic Catheter features polyurethane construction and a large inner diameter to maximize contrast flow.

AQUATRACK™ Guidewire

The Cordis AQUATRACK® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire facilitates access to the most tortuous anatomy.


The Cordis SUPERTORQUE™ and SUPERTORQUE™ Plus line of diagnostic catheters are used in coronary angiography.

ANGIOGUARD™ XP Guidewire System

The Cordis ANGIOGUARD™ XP Guidewire System is the first embolic protection device shown in clinical testing to achieve a relative stroke reduction of 70% during carotid stenting procedures*.