The Cordis sheath portfolio is comprised of the AVANTI™+ Sheath Introducer and the BRITE TIP™ Interventional Sheath Introducer.

Guiding Catheters

Cordis Guiding Catheters are designed for support and performance and are available in different shapes for precise placement.


The Cordis Accessories Portfolio is comprised of stopcocks, high pressure injector lines and rotating adaptors, control syringes and angiographic needles.

Diagnostic Guidewires

The Cordis Diagnostic Guidewire Portfolio is comprised of the EMERALD™ Diagnostic Guidewire and the AQUATRACK™ Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire.

Steerable Guidewires

The Cordis steerable guidewire portfolio offers various solutions for choosing the right guidewire given a specific clinical situation.

Diagnostic Catheters

Cordis has an extensive line of diagnostic catheters both for selective and flush applications.