Steerable Guidewires

AQUATRACK™ Guidewire

The Cordis AQUATRACK™ Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire facilitates access to the most tortuous anatomy.

STORQ™ Steerable Guidewire

The Cordis STORQ™ Steerable Guidewire is the ideal steerable guidewire for any interventional procedure using .035” devices.

ATW™ Guidewire

The Cordis ATW™ Guidewire is an intermediate support .014” wire that is a workhorse wire for .014” devices.

JINDO™ Steerable Guidewire

The Cordis JINDO™ is a steerable wire with a soft and atraumatic .022” tip and a very supportive .035” shaft.

SV Steerable Guidewire

The SV Steerable Guidewire are small diameter interventional wires that give you support to perform procedures with a .018” device.

STABILIZER™ Steerable Guidewire

The Cordis STABILIZER™ Steerable Guidewire is a high support .014” wire that provides balanced support and flexibility.